How It Works

Empowering through education, one preceptor at a time.

Rotation Requested

After submitting your rotation request, the preceptor will review both the details of your request and your profile. This typically takes 5-7 business days on average.

Preceptor Paperwork in Progress

Once the preceptor accepts your request, we'll furnish them with the university paperwork we have on file for your school. If your institution prefers direct submission, we'll have the preceptor fill out a preceptor and administrator information form instead. Your designated Student Coordinator at MDHub will collaborate with you and your preceptor to expedite this paperwork. While this process can take up to 7-10 business days, it typically concludes sooner.

Pending Payment Balance

Once your paperwork is completed, you'll receive an email notification indicating that everything is ready for download. This is also when your remaining balance becomes due. Please note that if payment is not made or if a payment plan is not selected (if applicable), your remaining balance will be auto-charged within 14 calendar days.

Additionally, along with your paperwork, you'll receive your preceptor's resume, license information, and board certification.

Pending University Approval

After downloading your paperwork, promptly submit everything to your university. Keep in touch with your university clinical coordinator periodically for updates.

If your school rejects the preceptor for any reason, rest assured that we will endeavor to find you an alternative site (if available) or offer you a refund.

Scheduling Rotations

Once your university approves your preceptor/clinical site, log into your Rotation Request Dashboard and click on the "My School Has Approved" button. This signals to your preceptor and us that you're prepared for scheduling.

Your MDHub Student Coordinator will subsequently furnish you with the contact information of your preceptor/site, enabling you to coordinate your schedule directly with them.

Note: If the start date you agree upon with your preceptor differs from the one initially submitted, inform your Student Coordinator. This ensures we can follow up after you've commenced to ensure everything progresses smoothly.

Rotation Initiated

Congratulations on completing your rotation! If you had a positive experience with your preceptor and clinical rotation, consider leaving them a review on your Request Dashboard once your rotation concludes.

When you're prepared to book your next preceptor, remember to inform your MDhub Student Coordinator. They can recommend a preceptor option that aligns with your preferences and university requirements.

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